Thursday 24th May 2018,
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    The plants that heal

    What do swallows stuffed with eggs, arsenic and lemon have to do with herbal remedies and beauty products? Perhaps not a lot these days, but you might be surprised at the concoctions used and the

  • 25.09-017

    Family Day engineering activities for Findhorn

    3D printing, plastics recycling, a Mars rover made from scrap, and an organic orchestra – these are some of the activities in a special day at Findhorn Village Centre on Saturday 10 March. It’s being

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    A Thinker for Today

    He was born exactly 100 years ago today, and even in his own profession of physics he is not as well known as he should be. But his vision was global, and what it has

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    Old furniture transformed

    Tables, chairs, sideboards, chests of drawers – all of them off to the dump and buried in landfill when we redecorate the house. Not so, says the owner of one creative Moray business: old furniture

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    A Swedish Orcadian

    Gunnie was born in Gothenburg, Sweden in 1941. Later Gunnie Moberg would say she would like to be remembered as a Swedish Orcadian. And it is that embedding of Orkney into the identity of Gunnie

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    Jim Robertson: maths teacher and musician

    Among the people commemorated in the One O’Clock Toast at the Peedie Kirk this year was Jim Robertson, maths teacher and musician, remembered by one of his former pupils, Howie Firth. It was around 1959

  • The Green Lane at flood time

    The January Man

    My father, John Somerville, was sent to the Royal Naval College at Dartmouth at the age of 13, and joined the Royal Navy when he was 17 years old,” writes Christopher Somerville in the introduction

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    Europe’s small islands to gather in Orkney

    Representatives from small islands across Europe will gather in Orkney to share ideas about areas of common interest. The European Small Islands Federation (ESIN) has chosen Orkney as the venue for its annual meeting, which

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    Times walks correspondent to open St Magnus Way’s final section

    All is set for the opening of the final section of the St Magnus Way next week. The walk, which runs from Orphir along the shores of Scapa Flow to the Cathedral in Kirkwall, will

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Representatives from small islands across Europe will gather in Orkney to share ideas about areas of common interest. The European Small Islands Federation (ESIN) has chosen Orkney as the venue for its annual meeting, which [...]

Hydrogen plant Rinnigill

Hydrogen on Hoy

August 12, 2017 | Comments Off

The stars from my back door

August 11, 2017 | Comments Off
Posted On July 9, 2016 | Comments Off

In Stromness, where I grew up, the yole was used for fishing and for pleasure trips but in my grandparents’ island, Graemsay, it was also the main mode of transport. There had been a South [...]


Ball lightning

June 7, 2016 | Comments Off
The Ladykirk Stone / St Magnus’s Boat]
Posted On August 14, 2017 | Comments Off

An Orkney siltstone from Devonian times, carved with footprints for the legend of an ancient boat, has been travelling across Norway this summer, to Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. Artist Beatrice Searle describes the background to [...]

Air bubbles risiing in water at different stages of development

Sound and music and us

August 14, 2017 | Comments Off
Posted On June 15, 2017 | Comments Off

Let’s go to the stars! Human interstellar flight is a problem with significant challenges. The possible approaches to an interstellar journey range from “slow” travel, at 1% of the speed of light or less, where [...]


Dark skies and bright vision

February 12, 2017 | Comments Off

Gravitational waves – and the Papay connection

December 12, 2016 | Comments Off

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