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A Shining Star

Williamina Paton Fleming (1857-1911) This year is the 125th anniversary of the discovery of the Horsehead Nebula in Orion, one of the great achievements of one of many women in science. It came at a time when a woman’s role [...]

July 2, 2013 People and Ideas

Metals in Medicine: Zinc

The art of geometry Metals play an important role in the development of drugs and medicines for the future, and when we combine particular metals with organic molecules to form a drug it’s known as a metallodrug. Particular metals have [...]

June 24, 2013 Going Further

Metals In Medicine: Vanadium

Sea-squirts and Mushrooms Vanadium was named after Vanadis, the Norse goddess of beauty, due to its tendency to form compounds and solutions with a wide variety of colours. Vanadium is as abundant as zinc in the earth’s crust (0.015%), and [...]

March 12, 2013 Going Further