Tuesday 25th February 2020,
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Festival will commemorate Moon landing

Apollo 11’s 50th anniversary will be commemorated in Orkney in September with a programme of talks on space and astronomy in the islands’ annual science festival. Speakers will include Scotland’s Astronomer Royal and the chief executive of a Scottish satellite [...]

July 17, 2019 NEWS

Science festival gets foraging dimension

Orkney International Science Festival this year will have an added outdoor dimension as it joins forces with a new Foraging Fortnight being established in Scotland. Foraging food from the wild, once standard for older generations, is now reviving, with its [...]

July 9, 2019 NEWS

Dreaming of Mars

Dreaming of Mars It’s just on fifty years since the first footstep on the Moon. At the time it seemed that the Moon landing would be the first of many journeys that would take us across the Solar System. But [...]

July 1, 2019 Going Further, Summer Issue 2019

Eddington’s universe

Whenever the poet George Mackay Brown reorganised his library, getting rid of some of the overspill, some books from younger years would always remain. There was the first Penguin book from 1935, a biography of Shelley by André Maurois; and [...]

November 16, 2018 Going Further, People Past & Present
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Music to reach to the stars

Sir William Rowan Hamilton was one of the greatest thinkers the world has seen. He created elegant mathematical forms that are today at the heart of modern physics, in the study of waves and the quantum world.   Yet he [...]

October 10, 2018 Reviews, Winter Issue 2018

Transport on demand test-run for festival-goers

AA new system to provide on-demand transport is to be tried out in this year’s Science Festival. The system uses software to link passengers to the nearest car going to their chosen destination, and routes the car to collect them. [...]

September 3, 2018 NEWS

Orkney Science Festival announces programme

Two Nobel laureates, three concerts on environmental themes, four Irish musicians with the story of a remarkable mathematician, a genetics research day, a science show from Australia, and a visit from three young Slovenian rocket-builders – are just some of [...]

July 23, 2018 Making and Doing, NEWS
Photo of group at Voice Centre

Young team get top voice training

The skills that helped train the voices of both Hollywood actors and the Global Leadership Fellows of the World Economic Forum have been helping eight young people to prepare to host this year’s Orkney International Science Festival. Kristin Linklater is [...]

July 15, 2018 NEWS

On the road in Sutherland

A bitterly cold east wind hurls its force through the darkness outside the building, but all within, for the evening talk ahead, is warmth and light. The Rock Stop at Unapool is a fascinating venue, with displays telling the story [...]

June 13, 2018 Summer Issue 2018

Photographing distant skies

Alan Tough got his first compact digital camera back in 2003. “There was a spectacular aurora in November of that year and I was able to get some grainy photos of it. My interest in astrophotography really grew from there,” [...]

June 13, 2018 Summer Issue 2018