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Royal Oak hologram donated to Orkney Museum

A hologram of the wreck of the battleship HMS Royal Oak, sunk in the naval anchorage of Scapa Flow at the outset of World War II, has been donated to Orkney. The hologram was made for the Ministry of Defence [...]

March 4, 2013 NEWS
A9 to Wick

Take the A9 to Wick!

A song from an Orkney Science Festival CD is heading for 7,500 views on YouTube. Andy Munro, who as Mr Boom, the one-man band from the Moon, has appeared in every one of the 22 festivals over the years, produced [...]

March 3, 2013 NEWS
Mike Craigie portrait

Megawatts of business

Suppose that you’re in Cambodia and want to sell a surplus steam turbine; or in Chile and needing to source a diesel generator. Or you may be in Malaysia and negotiating to buy a power barge from Kenya and you [...]

March 3, 2013 Spring Issue 2013