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A passion for food diversity

Ben Reade of Edinburgh Food Studio is coming to Orkney to describe how some of the most appetising dishes can come from food we find at our feet – from garden weeds and seaweeds to fermented foods with simple ingredients transformed by wild microorganisms. Mary Leonard spoke to him about his total commitment to food [...]

August 25, 2019 Mary Leonard Food Journeys Comments Off

A Taste of the Neolithic

“The main course will be shin of beef braised in an un-hopped bere malt beer, because I don’t want bitterness there. I am hoping to acquire some neep tops to serve with it. It’s a strange situation because the Italians only eat the tops and give the neep to the animals, but I’m hoping to [...]

August 19, 2019 Mary Leonard Food Journeys Comments Off

Living off the Land

Unless you are a forager, you might not know that the early leaves of the rowan tree taste like marzipan, that shoots from the pine tree can make an awesome spice, that the saponins in birch leaves make a cleanising spring tea which is very good for the body, or that meadowsweet contains the same [...]

July 3, 2019 Mary Leonard Food Journeys, Summer Issue 2019 Comments Off
Wendy Barrie-foodstyling

Fresh food approaches for Scotland

Wendy Barrie is coordinating Foraging Fortnight events on mainland Scotland, and coming to Orkney to speak on Swedish food from the wild. Mary Leonard has been finding out more about her background. Affectionately known as Scotland’s Foodie, Wendy Barrie is, as you might imagine, passionate about food – particularly the locally produced and home-grown variety. [...]

July 2, 2019 Mary Leonard Food Journeys Comments Off

Dining Off the Beaten Track

Writer, broadcaster and food anthropologist Ghillie Basan is coming to the Orkney International Science Festival, excited at the prospect of getting an insight into the role of food tourism in the islands, as well as a glimpse into the lives of those who, like herself, have chosen to provide these carefully crafted, unique experiences of [...]

July 1, 2019 Mary Leonard Food Journeys Comments Off

Farming gin and vodka

When location, time and imagination come together, unique accomplishments are possible and this has certainly proven to be the case for Arbikie Highland Estate, a 2000-acre farm on the Angus coast. Location was never in doubt. Arbikie is an estate shaped by its environment from the red-sandstone tint of its soil, the sharp winds of [...]

July 27, 2016 Mary Leonard Food Journeys Comments Off
Photography by David Moss

Food of the mountains

When we think of Italian food, we generally think of some kind of pasta or pizza – dishes which have been adopted and adapted all over the world. But there is a much more interesting story behind the food of this country than the processed versions sold in supermarkets and fast-food outlets. Each region of [...]

March 21, 2015 Mary Leonard Food Journeys Comments Off

Peedie Producers Guide

When you sample the local fare at some of the Festival events, you may wonder where you can buy some to take home with you. There’s now a solution – a new pocket guide to some of Orkney’s ‘Peedie Producers’. It gives details of 23 producers, from cheese to chocolate,  beef to beremeal, pies to [...]

September 1, 2014 Howie Firth Food Journeys 0

Orkney fare at Portsoy

My paternal grandfather, affectionately known as ‘Pappa’, was an accomplished pianist, one of Columbia’s first recording artistes; his first disc was released in 1927. Originally from Leith, he came to Elgin in the 1920s with his bride Elizabeth, my Orcadian grandmother, as manager of a piano outlet, eventually founding his own music business which he [...]

May 22, 2014 Liz Ashworth Food Journeys Comments Off

A taste from Westray

The view stretched beyond the point o’ Smithaquoy across the azure sea to Papay, while in the middle distance the Loch o’ Swartmill lay like a jewel set in a band of golden marsh marigolds, embellished with the inevitable pair of swans.” That’s a description of a Westray scene from Jack Cooper, looking back to [...]

June 30, 2013 Liz Ashworth Food Journeys Comments Off