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The James Caird hauled by the men

Painting the Shackleton story

Next year is the 100th anniversary of the death of the polar explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, whose Antarctic journey of 1914-17 was the last major expedition of the great age of Antarctic exploration. His ship was named Endurance, and the way in which he and his crew coped with the immense challenges following her loss, [...]

May 15, 2021 Mary Leonard Arts & Crafts Comments Off
Ian Scott-painting6

Rhythms of art and island life

A highlight of this Year of Coasts and Waters is a retrospective exhibition of the work of the North Ronaldsay artist Ian Scott – online. With technical support from a family team, he has gathered together images of paintings and sculptures, going back to early work from art school and journeys to Faroe and Iceland [...]

September 4, 2020 Ian Scott Arts & Crafts Comments Off

Where the rain and the light fall in


July 3, 2020 Aelfeda Clackson Arts & Crafts, Stories from the Islands Comments Off
Return to St Kilda a

Painting the waves

I’m fascinated by the movement of water and how it reacts in different circumstances, how it breaks and how the energy of the wave expels itself. It is constantly changing. As a small boy I was terrified of the waves, so I wonder if it is some sort of exorcism.” These are the words of [...]

May 20, 2020 Mary Leonard Arts & Crafts Comments Off
Bracelet from fabric scraps

Turn waste into wearables at home

There is a kind of poetry in the creative process of transformation of unwanted, pre-loved and discarded materials and giving them a new life. Old T-shirts, fabric scraps, discarded plastic … Now’s an ideal time to go through cupboards and wardrobes and boxes – but hold back before you throw them out. It’s not just [...]

May 10, 2020 Howie Firth Arts & Crafts, Spring Issue 2020 Comments Off
The Ladykirk Stone / St Magnus’s Boat]

Walk with The Orkney Boat

An Orkney siltstone from Devonian times, carved with footprints for the legend of an ancient boat, has been travelling across Norway this summer, to Bergen, Oslo and Trondheim. Artist Beatrice Searle describes the background to her 1300-mile journey. I will walk with a new carving of an ancient footprint stone, historically used for human expressions [...]

August 14, 2017 Beatrice Searle Arts & Crafts Comments Off
Air bubbles risiing in water at different stages of development

Sound and music and us

At this year’s Orkney International Science Festival, Clive and Marianne Greated will both be speaking about sound, from different perspectives. Dr Marianne Greated is an artist who has been researching the relationships between sound and vision and how this relates to current art practice. Her father, physicist and musician Professor Clive Greated, has studied the [...]

August 14, 2017 Clive and Marianne Greated Arts & Crafts Comments Off
Fashion the Future- Aislin, Nyx, Nehalennia and Calypso--frontiers

Fashion the Future!

The window of a former Orkney clothing shop is back in action with costumes this week. Aislin, Nyx, Nehalennia and Calypso were specially created for the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design. Croy’s shop in Victoria Street, Kirkwall, once provided suits and dresses for Orkney’s farming folk and townspeople. Today it is ablaze with colour [...]

August 31, 2016 Howie Firth Arts & Crafts Comments Off
Showers over Scapa Flow by Steve Henderson

Northern Light with Orkney Camera Club

One of the most popular and long-running exhibitions to take place annually in the Science Festival is the photographic exhibition of the Orkney Camera Club. For a number of years now the club has provided images of Orkney to reflect a theme from the Festival. These have included life on Orkney’s outer isles, wildlife, history [...]

August 27, 2015 Mary Leonard Arts & Crafts Comments Off

Geometry by lamplight

Jenny Dockett’s title – Creative Learning and Educational Consultant – really speaks for itself, but while it might appear that this was a consciously chosen career path, it is in reality more of an area that she stumbled into, but has very quickly claimed as her own. “I had always thought of myself as a [...]

August 27, 2015 Mary Leonard Arts & Crafts Comments Off