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Birsay Solar Panels

Orkney schools help solar power

School pupils around Orkney are busy collecting data which may reveal the benefits of steering solar panels to track the daily movement of the sun. The project has been devised by David Craig, Regional Co-ordinator Edinburgh and West Lothian of the Young Engineers and Science Clubs of Scotland. A wide selection of schools is taking [...]

August 30, 2017 Mary Leonard NEWS Comments Off
Part of Gale Crater on Mars

From Orkney to Space: For Schools and Community

Night skies above us and the latest developments in space science are the subject of forthcoming schools and community presentations in Orkney. Researchers from the University of Edinburgh are joining together with staff from the Royal Observatory of Edinburgh’s visitor centre to visit several schools and give a public presentation in Kirkwall on the evening [...]

March 15, 2017 Howie Firth Making and Doing, NEWS Comments Off

Earth-sized planet found at nearest star

It’s been found – a planet that may be suitable for life as we know it, orbiting the nearest star. The star itself, dwarf called Proxima Centauri, gets its name from its nearness to us – just over four light-years away. So imagine our sun being cooler and redder, and us much closer to it, [...]

August 24, 2016 Howie Firth NEWS Comments Off
Simon Rookyard, the World Porridge Making Champion

Pulsars to porridge

Porridge and pulsars are combined in the life of Simon Rookyard, the World Porridge Making Champion – and he will be bringing both together at this year’s Orkney International Science Festival. Just weeks before winning the Golden Spurtle at the World Championships in Carrbridge last September, radio astronomer Simon successfully submitted his PhD thesis to [...]

August 21, 2016 Mary Leonard NEWS Comments Off

The gene that cracked the cancer code

Researchers say that encouraging results are beginning to emerge from early trials of a new cancer drug – targeted at repairing an anti-cancer gene in the human body. The background to the work, which involves a gene called p53, will be highlighted in a talk at this year’s Orkney International Science Festival at the start [...]

August 3, 2016 Mary Leonard NEWS Comments Off

Highlighting Orkney’s tidal power potential

Tidal power is a major opportunity for Orkney, with scope for substantial electricity export and construction work as well. This will be highlighted by Prof. Clive Greated of the University of Edinburgh in an event in this year’s Orkney International Science Festival. Lying between two massive tidal systems, the islands are almost uniquely endowed with [...]

August 2, 2016 Mary Leonard NEWS 0
feat-img-Marty Jopson

The One Show’s scientist to open Festival

This year’s Orkney International Science Festival will open with a Zap! Or maybe a Crackle, or even a Pop! It will all depend on how television personality Marty Jopson feels at the time, or which props he can fit in his car for the road trip to Orkney. Instantly recognisable with his shock of blonde [...]

July 6, 2016 Mary Leonard NEWS 0

Ice land to Jutland: stamps accompany Festival topics

Two of the topics in this year’s Orkney International Science Festival programme are also highlighted in new sets of commemorative stamps. They mark two centenaries – the battle of Jutland and the rescue of Shackleton’s Antarctic expedition. The stamps – which are available online – come from the Isle of Man Post Office, which for [...]

May 27, 2016 Howie Firth NEWS Comments Off
Aviatin Festival 2016 First Scottish Air Ambulance flight 14 May 1933 to and  from Loch indaal  Islay IslayMG_1891

From Pilcher to planets at Aviation Festival

Star attraction at the third Orkney Aviation Festival this September will be leading Scottish aviation historian, Prof. Dugald Cameron OBE. Former Head of Glasgow School of Art, Prof. Cameron will be giving a talk entitled ‘From Pilcher to the Planets: Scotland’s Role in Aviation History’. Glasgow-born Prof. Cameron has had a lifelong fascination with the [...]

May 11, 2016 Mary Leonard NEWS Comments Off

28 June launch for Clyde-built satellite

The launch of Scotland’s first satellite will now be on 28 June. It’s been commissioned by the UK Space Agency, who today gave an update of the launch plans. The satellite is being taken into space on a Russian rocket, and the precise date of launch depends on the completion of the rocket’s main payloads. [...]

May 10, 2014 Howie Firth NEWS Comments Off