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Fishermen landing at Rackwick

Fishing in Graemsay: Mackerel lines and lobster creels

The mackerel is a migratory fish that appears round Graemsay waters in July and August. It was only eaten when very fresh and the remainder were kept for creel bait. They feed on sand eels and one of the most prolific fishing grounds is the appropriately named Sand Eel, a shallow sandy area a short [...]

March 17, 2016 Len Wilson Stories from the Islands Comments Off

The Orkney Yole

Till well into the 1960s the yole played a major part in the lives and livelihood of most Orcadians. No pictures or examples go back beyond the late nineteenth century but we know from references in old papers that it had its beginnings long before that. We know that 200 years ago the young John [...]

March 11, 2015 Len Wilson Stories from the Islands, Summer Issue 2017 Comments Off

The luxury of simplicity

There were no additives in the food eaten in the island at the turn of the century. Many families had a pig or two, and there was fresh pork to roast, fry or boil, and bones to make into porky soup, with the dark green cabbage grown in circular, walled gardens near the shore, and [...]

May 21, 2014 Christine Muir Stories from the Islands Comments Off

A time to spin

We have had someone staying with us for a fortnight, who wanted to learn to spin, so the spinning wheels came into the kitchen again, along with the lazy kate, and the reel, and a sack of fleece, as well as a pile of newspapers to tease the wool on. You need room to collect [...]

February 17, 2014 Christine Muir Stories from the Islands Comments Off

Trying out sea buckthorn in North Ronaldsay

Description Sea Buckthorn is a deciduous fruit-bearing shrub which can grow up to 10 metres high in parts of the world but usually grows to around 2 to 4 metres high in Europe. The plant has green silvery leaves which are narrow and situated alternately along the wooden thorny branches. The male plant produces brownish [...]

June 24, 2013 Louis Craigie Stories from the Islands 0
Aurora Borealis in Orkney photograph taken by John Vetterlein

Merry dancers in the North Ronaldsay sky

The merry dancers were swaying across the sky last night, to their own esoteric music, pale diffuse streamers shot with shimmering shafts of brilliant green. Sometimes in frosty weather it is easy to imagine that we can hear their thin high crackle in the silence, as we stand shivering, looking up at the vast moving [...]

March 7, 2013 Christine Muir Stories from the Islands 1
Aurora Borealis in Orkney photograph taken by Andrew Hollinrake

Sleepwalk among the planets

In late November on Papa Westray, I set my alarm for before dawn – 6.30am – on a morning when I read it could be possible to see four planets in the sky at once. I get out of bed, don’t turn any lights on, trying to keep my eyes dark adjusted, and go outside [...]

March 4, 2013 Amy Liptrot Stories from the Islands 0

North Ron Walrus

I didn’t expect to see a Walrus this Sunday morning (!) but nonetheless, this Walrus was found to be having a snooze at Bridesness, North Ronaldsay! It’s thought to likely be a male due to the pinkish nodules on the neck and shoulders. The animal does not appear to have sustained any injury and could [...]

March 3, 2013 Gavin Woodbridge Stories from the Islands 0