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When I first encountered the Kogi

When I first encountered the Kogi, it was a quite extraordinary surprise. I was trying to research a film about the Lost City, the ruins of a large Tairona settlement on the steep slopes of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. The Sierra is the steepest coastal mountain on earth, rising straight out of the [...]

July 7, 2013 Alan Ereira Summer Issue 2013 Comments Off
Remembering Eoin

Remembering Eoin

Eoin Scott, the chairman of Orkney Science Festival, who died on 5 June 2013, was someone who was at the very heart of Orkney life, with his farm and his family. The old township of Redland, much of which forms the present-day farm, has a long history. It was described in the book Reminiscences of [...]

July 3, 2013 Howie Firth Summer Issue 2013 Comments Off

The lost world beneath the waves

An old Orkney legend may carry a hint of the rising sea. It tells of Orkneymen visiting Norway and meeting there an old woman from Orkney who inquires about the land she left long ago. ‘And what like are the Bonnie Woods of Otterswick?’ she asked in the Sanday version of the story. Otterswick today [...]

July 1, 2013 Howie Firth Archaeology & History, Summer Issue 2013 Comments Off

John Rae’s stonehouse – home from home in the Arctic

They don’t get a whole lot of tourists in Repulse Bay. It is not that they don’t deserve them; the natural environment is beautiful and special. However, at the very north of Hudson Bay and at more than 66o in latitude the access is not easy – there is the ever present risk of severe [...]

June 24, 2013 Kate Johnson Summer Issue 2013 Comments Off

A piece of Mars is coming to Orkney

A piece of Mars is coming to Orkney for this year’s Orkney International Science Festival. It is a little piece of a meteorite whose structure shows that it was once part of a rock on the surface of Mars. So far, about a hundred pieces of the Martian surface have come to Earth as meteorites [...]

June 24, 2013 Paula Lindgren Summer Issue 2013 Comments Off