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On Elephant Island

On 30 August 1916 the Shackleton expedition was rescued from Elephant Island, where they had spent several months in grim conditions after their ship Endurance has been caught and crushed in the ice. Martin Gray from Orkney describes a visit made nine years ago to that remote and lonely place. Back in January 2007 I [...]

August 22, 2016 Martin Gray Summer Issue 2016 Comments Off
Bill Graham-T-Exchange-3D printing

Print it and make it!

It is a stormy November night in Moray, but a group of enthusiasts are carrying boxes of equipment and heads full of stories into the Findhorn Village Centre, unperturbed by the raging elements. This is a group of people of all ages and skills which meets once a month to share ideas and explore the [...]

August 3, 2016 Mary Leonard Summer Issue 2016 Comments Off

From oil support to electronics online

A company in Kirkcaldy has come to the fore in the growing market for home electronics components. A new wave of development in the industry has produced cheap and powerful units which can be used by everyone from home hobbyists to industrial prototypers, and for many thousands of people Proto-PIC is now a familiar mail-order [...]

August 3, 2016 Mary Leonard Summer Issue 2016 Comments Off

A passion for tidal power

When Professor Clive Greated starts speaking about his favourite thing, he begins poetically by describing the tides, the gravitational action of celestial bodies, bulges in the surface of the water on Earth and the centrifugal force associated with the Earth and the Moon. He then goes on to mention the immense energy that comes from [...]

August 2, 2016 Mary Leonard Summer Issue 2016 Comments Off

Roads to the future: can sci-fi predict them?

Nothing is written. The future is ours to shape. When you take the cities, spare the scientists and engineers. Whatever they may have done in the past, you need them for the future. Let’s make it a better one. (The Sky Road: Chapter 15) Back in 1999 there were reasons for optimism. The Cold War [...]

July 14, 2016 Mary Leonard Summer Issue 2016 Comments Off