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Cape Wrath – What’s in a Name?

When Bob Tateson retired from teaching in Orkney he volunteered to help look after the bothies in the wild and lonely land below Cape Wrath. He has spent ten years here, working, walking and wild camping. This is his personal selection of photographs with a slant on what and how things are named by the [...]

December 25, 2018 Bob Tateson Making and Doing, Winter Issue 2018 Comments Off
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Music to reach to the stars

Sir William Rowan Hamilton was one of the greatest thinkers the world has seen. He created elegant mathematical forms that are today at the heart of modern physics, in the study of waves and the quantum world.   Yet he is not as well-known as he might be. Perhaps with his work spanning mathematics and [...]

October 10, 2018 Howie Firth Reviews, Winter Issue 2018 Comments Off
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Walking with Ravens and Wonder

Soaring. That is the word. On top of the world, or so it seems, above the busy valleys below, side by side with the ravens as they soar on the up-blasts of winter blizzard rushing skywards. I soar with them, for a moment. I can see their eyes as they hold a position just teetering [...]

October 9, 2018 Elizabeth Woodcock Countryside, Winter Issue 2018 Comments Off