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Music to reach to the stars

Sir William Rowan Hamilton was one of the greatest thinkers the world has seen. He created elegant mathematical forms that are today at the heart of modern physics, in the study of waves and the quantum world.   Yet he [...]

October 10, 2018 Reviews, Winter Issue 2018

Transport on demand test-run for festival-goers

AA new system to provide on-demand transport is to be tried out in this year’s Science Festival. The system uses software to link passengers to the nearest car going to their chosen destination, and routes the car to collect them. [...]

September 3, 2018 NEWS
Photo of group at Voice Centre

Young team get top voice training

The skills that helped train the voices of both Hollywood actors and the Global Leadership Fellows of the World Economic Forum have been helping eight young people to prepare to host this year’s Orkney International Science Festival. Kristin Linklater is [...]

July 15, 2018 NEWS

On the road in Sutherland

A bitterly cold east wind hurls its force through the darkness outside the building, but all within, for the evening talk ahead, is warmth and light. The Rock Stop at Unapool is a fascinating venue, with displays telling the story [...]

June 13, 2018 Summer Issue 2018

Year of Young People to boost Festival

Music from Ireland, astronomy from Uzbekistan, newly created art and design, and young people to the fore – these will all be features of this year’s Orkney International Science Festival in a special package for the Year of Young People [...]

June 12, 2018 NEWS

Memories of Robert Shaw

Archie Bevan’s tribute to Robert Shaw was broadcast on BBC Radio Orkney in August 1978 following the actor’s death. It was read by Archie’s son Graham as a One O’Clock Toast in the Peedie Kirk Hall in the 2016 Orkney [...]

June 12, 2018 People Past & Present

Climbing the Old Man of Hoy

Alison McLure of the Institute of Physics will speak on The Physics of Mountain Rescue in this year’s Orkney International Science Festival. She recently climbed the Old Man of Hoy with a group led by Mike Pescod from Fort William, [...]

June 12, 2018 Summer Issue 2018

Scenes of Sutherland

It’s some of the most spectacular scenery in the world, and it’s on Orkney’s doorstep. Bob Tateson retired from teaching in Orkney to live in Lairg, and he has been out and about in a period of fine spring weather [...]

June 11, 2018 Summer Issue 2018

Pilgrims on the Brough of Deerness

After a bad forecast came a grey Sunday, the first of October. White waves were on the loch and clouds passed swiftly. Tones of gold and crimson lay over the swamp, and the trees were changing; there were drifts of [...]

June 10, 2018 Countryside

The lost world beneath the waves

An old Orkney legend may carry a hint of the rising sea. It tells of Orkneymen visiting Norway and meeting there an old woman from Orkney who inquires about the land she left long ago. ‘And what like are the [...]

July 1, 2013 Archaeology & History, Summer Issue 2013