Tuesday 28th September 2021,
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Take out the carbon

There is both urgency and resignation in the voice of world-renowned oceanographer, polar ice specialist and climate authority, Professor Peter Wadhams. As someone who has warned of global warming, melting ice and rising sea levels for almost 50 years, even [...]

August 10, 2021 Global Issues

Oh, starboard your helm!

This time it could be the big one. Fire on the Amazon, fire in Siberia, a dome of heat above the American west and wildfire surging below – too often we close our minds to events that seem far away. [...]

August 6, 2021 Global Issues
Leading picture

The Blyth Challenge

TAKE THE BLYTH CHALLENGE AND HARNESS THE WIND! Design and build a small wind machine out of scrap material – and win a prize. That’s the challenge that’s been set for families and friends in Orkney and elsewhere. Two Orkney [...]

August 2, 2021 NEWS
Picking Roots

The cures of Hudson’s Bay

The Hudson’s Bay Company, which celebrated its 350th anniversary last year, had an immense economic impact on Orkney in a time of otherwise little opportunity, providing income and employment locally and to many hundreds of men who went to work [...]

May 18, 2021 Archaeology & History, Spring Issue 2021
13.9. 024

The clock, the fax, and the genius from Watten

Alexander Bain was one of the most prolific inventors of the 19th century, and is one of the least remembered. His inventions are all the more remarkable given his background. Born in 1810 near Watten in Caithness, his father was [...]

May 14, 2021 People Past & Present, Spring Issue 2021
looking down glacier de talefre copy

The call of the mountains

At just 32 years old Tristan Cameron Harper is already known by a number of distinct identities – professional ice-hockey player, model, Mr Scotland 2016/17, and kilted yogi. Today, all those identities have merged into Tristan Cameron-Harper, mountain guide and [...]

May 13, 2021 Countryside, Spring Issue 2021
Shackleton and his men (painting by Paola Folicaldi Suh)

Sailing with Shackleton – an Orkney link

One of the great voyages of history was made by Commander Frank Worsley, going with Shackleton to South Georgia in a small boat to seek help for their fellow crew members, stranded on Elephant Island. Frank Worsley knew Orkney well [...]

May 10, 2021 People Past & Present

The magic of compost

Black gold. It really is, soft to touch, the smell of the dark earth crumbling through your hands, and the mind-blowing fact that not so long ago it was egg boxes and broccoli stalks. The ultimate process of empowerment, and [...]

January 10, 2021 Making and Doing