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Written by Bernie Bell

Steve Davey lives in Orkney with his dog, Alfie.  Their aim is to visit all of Orkney’s islands – inhabited and uninhabited.

If we’re lucky we’ll see some more photos by Steve. Meanwhile here are some from a recent visit.

It’s one of those houses – on an island – where the people left – leaving something of their lives behind them.

The kitchen/living room still looks ‘lived in’ with an old armed-chair by the fireplace.

 One tap – the only source of water – still better than going out to the well in all weathers….

Why a drum kit in the bedroom? Orkney is known for musical talent – maybe there wasn’t much room to spare for such a big object?

Lives lived – memories – now standing empty.

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Bernie Bell lives in Orkney, is interested in everything – wonders about many things – is confused by many things. “It makes life interesting – or should I say even more interesting.”