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The window of a former Orkney clothing shop is back in action with costumes this week. Aislin, Nyx, Nehalennia and Calypso were specially created for the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design.

Croy’s shop in Victoria Street, Kirkwall, once provided suits and dresses for Orkney’s farming folk and townspeople. Today it is ablaze with colour and texture in the presence of four figures with complete outfits that are delighting passers-by.

Fashion the Future! is a package of events developed to show the creative potential of upcycling.

It combines repurposed textiles with recycled plastic, 3D-printed into new design accessories.

The textiles come from varied sources – from men’s ties to vintage curtains, transformed through the imagination and creativity of three artists.

Selena S Kuzman and Caroline Bury are graduates of Moray School of Art, and Heidi Soos is a graduate of Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen.

They incorporated 3D-printed elements, particularly the shapes of a teardrop and a four-petalled flower. The shapes were developed for 3D printing by the Moray makerspace group, the T-Exchange.

The costumes will be on display in Victoria Street (the offices today of Age Concern Orkney) throughout the Festival. Additional costumes will be modelled at various Festival events.

There will also be an opportunity at the Science Festival’s Family Day for everyone to try out upcycling for themselves and to see 3D printing in action, with the artists and the T-Exchange joining forces to show the potential of the various ideas and techniques.

Fashion the Future was made possible through funding from EventScotland to mark the Year of Innovation, Architecture and Design 2016.

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‘Fashion the Future!’ was followed by two more displays in the window of Age Scotland Orkney in Victoria Street, Kirkwall, one on the theme of ‘Winter’s Queen’, and one on ‘The Selkie’s New Clothes’, along with upcycling workshops delivered with assistance from a team from Stromness Community Centre.

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Fashion the Future

A project for upcycling ideas, led by Selena Kuzman, reimagining waste and discarded materials, from plastic to pre-loved textiles, transforming them into eco-couture designs as well as simpler solutions for the whole family to be involved in the process.