Stronsay boy wins water photo competition

John Smith, Age: 8 Stronsay Junior High School, Orkney
John Smith, Age: 8 Stronsay Junior High School, Orkney

A photo from Stronsay has won first prize in a national competition organised by a Scottish research centre. John Smith (9) was the winner of a competition calling for pictures reflecting our uses for water, our attitudes to it, and problems that can arise. His picture ‘Flood at the pump station’ shows, he says, one such example.

My photo shows the local pumping station in the north of Stronsay, flooded due to the loch nearby opverflowing. This caused problems for my dad, but I got his camera and took a photo because the reflection of the pumphouse was bonny.”

His father, Alan Smith, says that the whole family is very proud of John’s achievement:

He has been allowed access to a camera from an early age and we have always encouraged our children to experiment with cameras and technology.”

“Here on Stronsay the natural water resource is used to its full potential as we are served by borehole water. It is very important to us as islanders to have a wholesome and safe water supply.”

The Water Works photographic competition was organised by the Centre for Expertise for Waters (CREW), established to provide research and expertise to policy-makers. The centre says that the comp[etition marked the end of a year characterised by intense flooding and weather challenges to everyday life.

The competition ran from February to December 2012, with monthly winners, from which out of which John’s entry, the March winner, was judged to be the overall best. All the entries can be seen on the James Hutton Institute Facebook page.

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