Take the A9 to Wick!

A song from an Orkney Science Festival CD is heading for 7,500 views on YouTube.

Andy Munro, who as Mr Boom, the one-man band from the Moon, has appeared in every one of the 22 festivals over the years, produced the CD ‘Come to the Festival’ last year. The aim was to highlight some of the topics in a format for all the family. There are songs about the growth of trees and the measurement of time, the origin of the universe and Scotland’s greatest scientist James Clerk Maxwell – and the A9 to Wick.

Andy is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, with a previous album of his own sings – Soul o’ Man’. He went to school in Wick and in the 1960s played in a number of Caithness bands, including Eileen and the Talismen.

For several of the tracks on the CD, he is accompanied by his daughter Flora, an up-and-coming singer, strongly influenced by jazz and blues.

About the author

Howie Firth

Dr Howie Firth is a writer and physicist from Orkney, with a deep interest in history and philosophy. He is director of Orkney International Science Festival.