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The Sands, the Dam – and sea gooseberries!

Written by Bernie Bell

We’ve been to the Sands o’ Wright and the Dam of Hoxa many times ….

It was a sunny Sunday with a cooling breeze – so we went again!

On the sand, right along the length of the Bay, there were what must have been hundreds of sea gooseberries. We’d never seen so many in one place – and they looked very appealing, gleaming in the sunshine.

Though they’re called gooseberries, they’re not edible for humans. What does eat jellyfish, apart from turtles? Their own eating activity is interesting to view.

Then along the path through the willows – perfect for a day like that – a bit shady and very peaceful. Along the track by the Dam of Hoxa – sandwiches and a cuppa tea sitting on a big rock by the shore, then back along the track, passing the broch to our right, and turning left onto the road to pass the otter statue with its bow tie – which was getting a bit battered by the breeze! 

Someone had left a painted stone propped up by the otter – standing stones against green grass and blue sky – fits the scene beautifully ….

We’ll be back ….

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