Europe to the Stars

This picture was taken by ESO Photo Ambassador José Francisco Salgado.
Written by Charlotte Baird

Europe to the Stars is an excellent book. It has lots of facts and illustrations and pictures with more facts. This book is a must if you’re interested in outer space as this book really caught my imagination and I couldn’t put this book down. I read it in 25 hours even although it has many pages and many pictures that I had to have a closer look at with my magnifying glass in case I missed anything.


The book is produced by the European Space Observatory based in Chile where there are clear skies. In the high mountainous regions of the Atacama Desert the air is very dry and the conditions are very good for observing the dark night sky. At the site of La Silla there are more than a dozen telescopes of different types, including one very large one.

They have many achievements. They found the age of the oldest star in the Milky Way and they made the first-ever image of a planet outside the Solar System. The book tells about the discoveries.

The illustrations and photographs in are amongst some of the best that I have seen on space and stars. There are photographs of the Milky Way, of distant galaxies and of beautiful nebulae like the Eagle Nebula and the Tarantula Nebula.

For my age group interested in the Big Bang and the Solar System, you need to read this book as I am 11 years old and I really recommend it. So ask for your birthday or Christmas list for Europe to the Stars and I bet you can’t put it down either.

Europe to the Stars by Govert Schilling and Lars Lindberg Christensen is published by John Wiley and available online from Amazon UK.

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Charlotte Baird

Charlotte Baird lives in Orphir and is a first-year pupil at Kirkwall Grammar School.