Frontiers 2014

Xodus makes it 10

The Xodus Group celebrates this year the 10th anniversary of its move into its present premises in Stromness, on the Garson Industrial Estate.

Xodus (pronounced ‘Exodus’) is an independent, international energy consultancy operating worldwide in two key energy markets – Oil & Gas and Low Carbon. Its Environmental Division was formed when the Orkney company Aurora Environmental joined the Group.

From the Stromness base, staff members work on environmental projects in many countries, applying a range of advanced skills.

The Environment Division’s Global Director, Zoe Cairns, who was co-founder of Aurora, gives a picture of the varied activities carried out.

About the author

Howie Firth

Dr Howie Firth is a writer and physicist from Orkney, with a deep interest in history and philosophy. He is director of Orkney International Science Festival.