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Island Elements

Written by Selena Kuzman

Earth, water, fire and air. …

For the philosophers and alchemists the four elements represented ‘the realms of the cosmos wherein all things exist and whereof all things consist’. Though the Greek four have long since been displaced from modern chemistry, they continue to resonate in human experience and imagination.

The video I have created is based on soundscape and close-up shots, focusing on the nature of elements within land, sea and sky to capture ephemeral manifestations and changes. Breaking things down to these 4 elements is to find a language to describe the islands of Orkney. Seeing how they interact presents an opportunity to explore and experience an interplay of form and colour, movement and stillness. It is the point of departure for my appreciation of the beauty of the natural world.

Film commissioned for the Year of Scotland’s Islands.

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Selena Kuzman